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Q. What comes in the kits for 1.8T? What else will I need to install?

The $1099 basic kit includes the turbo, ceramic-coated manifold, turbo inlet pipe & adapter for a stock MAF housing. We also offer an optional installation hardware kit that includes all gaskets, washers and fasteners. This hardware includes specialty 10mm hex manifold nuts and a turbo/manifold locking plate.

Q. I'm shopping for my 2.0T. What about hardware and gaskets for that?

We include a complete installation kit with our turbos for all FSI, TSI & TFSI configurations. During the introductory period for these products the hardware kit will be free with the turbo. Not too shabby, eh?

Q. Do I need new oil lines?

We don’t require that you buy new lines. It’s a really good idea to do it; but not a requirement.

Q. I blew off getting new oil lines and now my new turbo is howling like a 6-year-old kid at bedtime. Will the warranty cover me for letting this happen?

The 2-year warranty doesn’t cover for your mistakes. But that doesn’t mean your SOL. Because along with a warranty, all FrankenTurbos come with a 2-year “No Fault Replacement” CHRA policy. What that means is that no matter what you do to screw up the mechanical center section of your turbo, you can get a replacement overnighted to you for $325. That’s right. 325 clams and you’re back and underway again in a day’s time. And if you think the broken CHRA failed due to defect, you can send it in to apply for a warranty refund of your $325. Feel better now?

Q. I've heard that 300 wheel horsepower is the max my stock 4cyl engine can handle. How do I make sure my FrankenTurbo doesn't do more than that?

That "300 hp" rule of thumb is out-dated. It's a metric for a big turbo user. You see, the underlying assumption for that rule is that your turbo won't spool, and so you have to wait until the engine has spun up fast enough for that 300hp to finally arrive. After that really long wait, engine torque is finally approaching the limit for safety. So from the very beginning that "300hp" rule was clumsy. Instead, the critical measurement is torque, not horsepower. So no matter how fast the engine is spinning, it can support only so much torque.

This leaves you with the question, "Well if I'm not looking at horsepower, but at torque, what's the magic number now?" Actually, the accepted answer is still a value of 300. 300 wheel torque is the commonly-held limit. But it's a completely anecdotal estimate. You're far better off in the vicinity of 265-280. And to be sure you're within those limits, we recommend you choose one of the stock-engine-safe tuning options we provide right here on our pages.

Q. For my 1.8T or 2.7T what injectors do I need? What intercooler? What exhaust?

The injectors are specified by your software. So if you plan to run on a stock tune, keep your stock injectors. Injectors in the 440cc to 550cc size range are a good choice for modified software while running the F21 turbos on the 1.8T platform. On the 2.7T we recommend at least 550cc sizing. Modern-era 440s and 550s share the advantages of being inexpensive, idle great, and provide plenty of fuel for even the returnless system on the B6 1.8T Audi.

When running boost above 14psi, it’s a good idea to have an upgraded intercooler. Compressing the air that much heats it up, no matter how efficient the turbo is. So unless you can cool it back down, your car’s ECU will pull timing out to protect itself from knock/detonation. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, just more than the smallish stock one(s).

The more free-flowing your exhaust the better. Reducing backpressures behind the turbo(s) will help control your exhaust gas temps (EGTs) as well as opening up the turbo for more power. At the least, invest in an upgraded downpipe and high-flow CAT. Any size exhaust above the stock 2.25 will also help.

Q. I have an FSI engine in my Mk5 / B7. And I get it about the intercooler and exhaust requirements. But what about fuel system on our cars? Can the injectors handle it? What about the pumps?

Before introducing our F23T and F23L turbos we worked closely with our tuning partners to develop affordable solutions to this question. We gave them this challenge: figure out how to support these powerful hybrids on stock FSI fuel injectors. So while we were developing the turbos, the tuners were tackling the fueling. In our product pages and in the video documentation here on this site you will see the progress we’ve made. Power well above K04 levels can be made on stock injectors. The proof is right here. And the various tuners who are supporting our products are following unique paths to that goal, giving our customers a strong list of options in power levels and hardware requirements.

Q. What should I do to control the wastegate? MBC or stick with the N75 valve?

We recommend you run software that is up to the task of controlling an upgraded turbo, and offer options from several reputable providers right on our product pages. Properly flashed, your ECU will be able to modulate boost, eliminating the need for a manual boost controller. If you are running a “race version” of the N75, we highly recommend replacing it with a stock variant. The “race” type is a sucky, POS, engine-ruining part that does a lousy job at managing boost. Otherwise we love it.

Q. Well, I’d love to do all the mods and software, but for now I just need a running car. Can I replace my broken K03 and run it as is?

This is a common question for us. The majority of our sales go to people needing to do a repair, and in a lot of those cases our customers aren’t in the financial position to do a ton of new mods to accommodate a bigger turbo. So if you want to explore running our products temporarily (or even longer than temporarily), you simply need to add a manual boost controller to the car’s own electronic control valve. We offer an Overboost Protection Kit made by boostvalve, which is designed to keep boost levels safe for your car’s engine and acceptable for the engine’s ECU.

Q. I'm a member of the miltary and/or an educator. Don't you think I deserve a discount?

Yes, sir we do! Please get in touch with us to discuss the details of your service to our country. Also, we feel educators deserve the same kind of break. Make sure to let us know if YOUR trenches are filled with howling kids.