FrankenTurbo applies a dedication to the core principals of performance, quality and value in every hybrid turbocharger we sell. All of our turbochargers are uniquely designed in the United States and are balanced, inspected & assembled in the USA.

Our products are designed to deliver peerless airflows throughout all ranges of the power-band. Because they are hybrid turbos based on OEM form-factors, they install easily and retain stock drivability. Because they are designed for higher output, they incorporate more robust components than in their OEM counterparts. And because they feature state-of-the-art compressor & turbine technology, they outperform any other competing hybrid turbocharger.

FrankenTurbo is not a re-manufacturer. We design and manufacture our own products. For that reason, we are not limited by the performance constraints of re-using second hand turbos. And we offer unmatched 2-year warranty protection against defect.

FrankenTurbo brings to bear the latest in turbocharger performance technology, including 2618-series aluminum billet compressor wheels and our uniquely designed MixedFlow turbine rotors. And no FrankenTurbo gets shipped to our customers without being inspected, rebalanced and configured at our own facilities in Portland, Oregon.

These design and manufacturing steps are matched by our commitment to value. We feel our products should be priced within reach. And we feel our products should inspire FrankenTurbo customers to re-enjoy their cars to the fullest. If these principles sound like your kind of thing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Doug Harper